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Biblical Counseling Specialist

Mencia Gomez, MD -  - Adult Psychiatrist

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Mencia Gomez, MD

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Your spiritual health is a critical component of your overall wellness. At Integrated Mind Medicine in Miami Beach, Florida, Mencia Gomez De Vargas, MD, provides biblical counseling services, using biblical passages and teachings to provide a framework to explore and heal mental health conditions such as anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Call Integrated Mind Medicine, or schedule a consultation online today for personalized and compassionate biblical counseling services.

Biblical Counseling Q & A



What is biblical counseling?

Biblical counseling is a type of therapy that uses the bible and its teachings to help you address challenges in your life. Biblical counseling is also a holistic approach to tending your mental, spiritual, and emotional health. 

Within its framework, Dr. Gomez at Integrated Mind Medicine considers all aspects of your life and wellness and helps you learn to apply forgiveness and kindness to yourself and others in your life.

What conditions benefit from biblical counseling?

Your spiritual health is an essential component of your wellness. Dr. Gomez can use biblical counseling services to enhance this aspect of your well-being and address many mental health conditions. 


When you live with depression, you cope with feelings of despair and hopelessness. A cloud of negativity covers your life. Dr. Gomez applies biblical counseling to help you find your purpose and light. 


Within the framework of biblical teaching, God has a plan for you. Bearing this in mind, you can learn to use your spirituality and faith to cope with anxieties and fears that interfere with your life. For example, faith can provide reassurance that your concerns are in God’s hands.

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

Recovering from a traumatic event takes time and care. Dr. Gomez applies biblical teachings to help you put your experiences in perspective and use your spirituality to see the purpose of your experiences and future. She can help you restore your faith and trust in God to make sense of your trauma and cope with your symptoms. 

What should I expect from biblical counseling?

Dr. Gomez implements biblical counseling into your psychotherapy sessions. During your appointment, she uses a biblical framework to help you explore your thoughts and feelings. 

Patients often find great comfort in their faith and spirituality. You might find strength in the guidance and structure of biblical teachings that help you resolve and cope with distressing and negative thoughts and feelings. 

Your wellness comprises mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health. Dr. Gomez enables you to restore and enhance your spirituality as part of her holistic approach to improving your mental health and overall wellness. 

If you’re looking for a faithful and spiritual approach to mental health, call Integrated Mind Medicine, or make an appointment online.