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Mencia Gomez, MD

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When you navigate a mental health condition, you may benefit from medication to alleviate symptoms. At Integrated Mind Medicine, located in Miami Beach, Florida, Mencia Gomez De Vargas, MD, offers medication management to help you get the prescriptions you need to maintain, prevent, or improve your mental health symptoms. To learn more about medication management, contact the office by phone or schedule a consultation online today. Telemedicine appointments are also available.

Medication Management Q & A

What is medication management?

Though psychotherapy is an essential component of your mental health treatment plan, you may also benefit from prescription medication to alleviate symptoms and improve the effectiveness of your talk therapy. 

Dr. Gomez is an experienced psychiatrist and prescribes medication to assist in the treatment of many psychiatric conditions. To ensure you get the right medication for your mental health and wellness, she provides medication management. With this service, she helps you find the right medication and dose to treat your mental health condition.  

Am I a good candidate for medication management?

Dr. Gomez determines if you’re a good candidate for medication management after your initial consultation. 

When you first consult with Dr. Gomez at Integrated Mind Medicine, she conducts a comprehensive evaluation to better understand your mental health needs and determines a diagnosis. Your initial evaluation may be done at the office or through telemedicine.

During your consultation, Dr. Gomez asks detailed questions about your symptoms, medical and mental health history, and family history. She may also request lab work to rule out medical conditions that may be causing your symptoms.  

Based on the information gathered during your initial psychiatric evaluation, she develops your personalized treatment plan, which may include prescription medication. 

Some of the psychiatric conditions Dr. Gomez specializes in that may benefit from medication management include:

  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Stress

Depending on your diagnosis and mental health needs, your medication management may be short- or long-term. Dedicated to providing integrative care, Dr. Gomez may also offer alternative therapies in addition to your prescription medication, including herbal supplements and homeopathy, to help you get well-rounded care. 

What happens during a medication management appointment?

The specifics of your medication management appointment depend on many factors, including your diagnosis, symptoms, and prescription needs. However, you can expect comprehensive and compassionate care. 

During your appointment, Dr. Gomez reviews your medications and symptoms and adjusts your prescriptions as needed to improve symptoms and minimize side effects. 

Your medication management appointments may be conducted at the office or through telemedicine. 

Prescription medication is often needed to treat mental health conditions. To get the medication you need to alleviate your symptoms, contact Integrated Mind Medicine by phone or schedule your medication management appointment online today.